Tuesday 10 May 2011

Margaret Lim, 23rd June 1947 - 8th May 2011

Margaret Hui Lian Lim
Today we heard the sad news that Cha contibutor Margaret Lim had passed away. Our thoughts and best wishes are with her family. We know Margaret through her writings, which will continue to inspire us.


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  1. She herself has said it best,
    Margaret Hui Lian Lim,
    Right here on Cha
    "What Do Children Want?"
    Please read her words

    I add my own poem
    As tribute to her
    For what she has given us
    With her writing
    Enriches us all

    I dedicate
    This "Dark Monument"
    To Margaret Hui Lian Lim:

    And is eternity's time not enough
    Endless years of witches tears
    Shuttered in conformity
    Giving Caesar his due
    And failing at failure
    Though beginning again anew
    Is this a different kind of failure
    With the only lessons learned
    Being the uncertainty of words
    To convey the meanings of Sun and Moon

    In which ever way we are led
    Are you disposed to follow
    To Venture forth blindly
    To the ends of Hades
    Where the yellow fog's musings
    Find black squalor's vision
    A requiem of ghostly figures
    That marches in tune to evil eyes

    Yes eyes of evil live here too
    In this imprecision of fleeing leaves
    Leaving feelings broken in their wake
    Falling on shattered halls and bloody hills
    Who will carry them now
    By what strength and conformity
    Will they be subdued
    And will they then be cast
    Back home into the fiery pits
    Denied entry to the hallowed ways
    Out sourced to hell's obscurity
    These are our teachers too
    These lost devils and damned souls

    Our children know them as well
    With that secret knowledge they own
    Their love of the moonless dark
    Their wild rides that challenge death
    They seek not our protection
    And long for those forbidden places
    Where their dark rituals are learned
    That they may break the cords
    That bind them roughly
    For having nothing of their own
    They seek new ways to live



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