Saturday, 8 January 2011

"I want to see the ocean."

Reader, we didn't go to Canterbury. We went to Brighton instead. There, we saw the ocean. The beach reminded us of some nicer Hong Kong beaches, where we went on occasion.

The seagulls flew freely. The lovely chubby kids fell on the pebbles, and stood up again, chasing colourful soap bubbles.

It was great to have the sun on our faces. When I was living in Hong Kong, I hated the sun, especially in Summer. I was called by some friends 'the least sun-loving person' they have ever known. In Winter, I am more accommodating to outdoor activities.

Is the sun different here? Yes and no. We know we have the same sun (unless some of you are living in science fiction) but of course because we are further North, the sun is weaker. There is a Chinese saying: 'The moon in my hometown is the brightest' ('家鄉的月光特別明亮'). But I am unaware of a similar comment on the sun. If you were to invent one, what would it be?

[The title of this post is something the partner said. We went to Salisbury and Oxford previously and this time he wanted to go to a city that has a different atmosphere.]

This post was originally written on February 28, 2009.

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  1. Shadowy figure
    Thanks for the wonderful photos. The sun does indeed shine also on the wicked… like me :)
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  2. Great – it turned out you guys went to Brighton to see the ocean…I suppose the beaches there are with more “small stones” than soft sand…but looked like you had a good trip! I like the pic with you and the background of the sea (the smaller one)! Very stylish!
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  3. Nice pictures! You should go to Hawaii and see the ocean there. It’s a completely different world!
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  4. Simon B.
    I, too, like the smaller picture of you (the big one is great as well) – any chance you’ll post a bigger version of it?
    In response to your question, perhaps something like “The sun in my hometown has forgotten me”? No, just kidding.
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  5. Lovely and beautiful photos, and you are charming.
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  6. So you’ve got the CD cover, all you need is the CD! And I know how much you enjoy making audio recordings. :)
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  7. Loved the pics…
    Abt the sun, how bt
    The sun in my hometown is the cloudiest;)
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  8. I also once went to Brighton on a lovely sunny day, so I know just the kind of experience you had. The city has the laid back feel of many coastal towns, but I also thought it was quite hip. I also love the train station with the high, slightly rounding ceiling. A great place, to spend a Bright-and shiny day.
    It looks like you had a professional photographer following you around all day.
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  9. you’re so right tammy. i hate the sun in hk but find it much lovelier here. i’m coming to london the wkend of 13. wanna be in england from the beginning of the week…but still havent made up my mind where to stop! any recommendations? will you be around like 12 or so?
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  10. Phoebe: yes, let’s meet and have coffee! (Are you a tea person or a coffee person?) There are many many places to go here in London – I think it’d be better if you come on weekdays. There are too many people on the weekends and the tube doesn’t run normally….
    Nathan: I took most of the pictures! But you are right, he’s improving. But let me reiterate: it’s the sun! The sun charms up everything!
    Simon: okay I’ll use the small picture prominently in a future post.
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  11. 長髮真的很襯妳。很想真的擁有這封面的cd~~
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  12. Tammy,
    You said “we” went to Brighton. So, who is the “we” in your life now? Perhaps I have not been keeping up with your blog enough lately.
    That main picture of you in the post is a very nice pic of you. You look very pretty in the photo.
    Isn’t the beach a bit cold at this time of year?
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  13. It looks like summer in your photos – and just one week after Oxford. Is it British weather or is our planet really warming up?
    Btw the photos are great – really nice composition!
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  14. 靚人靚景﹗心靚,才拍到靚相。
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  15. tammy , ur photos are beautiful, which camera are u using ?=)
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  16. Hey…i like your portrait in the middle at right hand side as well…and the portrait of Jeff’s also nice ar…u always look young & sweet…so envious
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  17. Michelle
    Gorgeous photographs, Tammy.
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  18. Oh yes, what camera did you use? I want to know too.
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  19. Joey & Kevin: I was only using a small digital camera my sister, Crystal, gave me as a gift…. I didn’t do anything to the pictures – they are quite bright as they are. :)
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  20. Crystal Ho
    D相靚, 相入面的人更靚呀!!! ^0^
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