Thursday 13 May 2010

Cyril Wong's new poetry collection -- Oneiros

CYRIL WONG's latest poetry collection, Oneiros, is now first available from the Firstfruits website.

Responses to the Book:

"Cyril Wong’s dreamscapes carry within them a great haunting of shift and change, grief and loss. People, places, loved ones, family and friends enter and leave as seamlessly as dreams and sleep. Wong delivers heartbreaking and tender lines of poetry, as light as a dream’s remembrance, as hard-hitting as a dream’s sudden flash of insight."- Jenny Boully, author of The Body: An Essay

"Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, God, the familial dead, Walter Benjamin, Anne Sexton and the Road Runner all inhabit the same philosophical and poetic plane in this collection, just as they do in our world. Because many of these poems play out in dreams, the semiotic field is flattened in a brave thunderclap of reduction, and images begin to drift towards the toroidal opening of the wormhole some might call awakening, others might call death. It might just be another event horizon, that strange space that makes many of Wong’s images seem to float there so perfectly, to arrest time so permanently."–W. B. Keckler, author of Sanskrit of the Body

"Cyril Wong excavates an archaeology of the self, departing into unpredictable dreamtime where the gamut of emotions—anger, terror, and joy intermingle with the absurd, the funny, the surreal, and the intensely personal."–Mông-Lan, author of Tango, Tangoing: Poems & Art

For more information, email Enoch Ng at

Books will hit the shelves later this year.
Cyril Wong's poetry has been published in issue#1 of Cha.

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