Tuesday 31 March 2009

Issue#7 Mud Luscious

The seventh issue of Mud Luscious (editor: J.A. Tyler) is now live. It features work by Peter Berghoef, Sean Ruane, Jennifer Pieroni, Sara Reihani, P. H. Madore, C. L. Bledsoe, Nathaniel Tower, Molly Gaudry, Ryan W. Bradley, Ravi Mangla, Shome Dasgupta, Sean Lovelace, David Erlewine, Zachary C. Bush, Barry Graham, Lydia Copeland, Conor Robin Madigan, Liz Hall, & Peter Schwartz. The issue also contains reviews of Secondary Sound by Justin Sirois, the whispering of ice cubes by Rupert Wondolowski and Repetition Patterns by Ben Tanzer.

J. A. Tyler's fiction was published in issue #1 of Cha.

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