Tuesday 26 October 2010

GASPP: a Gay Anthology of Singapore Poetry and Prose

GASPP: a Gay Anthology of Singapore Poetry and Prose is an anthology of writing by queer Singapore writers, co-edited by Ng Yi-Sheng with Dominic Chua, Jasmine Seah and Irene Oh. The book features works by several Cha contributors including Cyril Wong, Lee Yew Leong, Koh Jee Leong, O Thiam Chin and Ng Yi-Sheng. More information about the collection can be found here.

GASPP: A Gay Anthology of Singapore Poetry and Prose is reviewed on the Fridae. Reviewer June Lee writes, "[F]or better or verse, GASPP represents the brave voices of contemporary writers who voluntarily identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and otherwise queer in Singapore. [...] These voices are a collective gasp that cannot be hushed." Read the full article.

  • Ng Yi-Sheng's poetry was published in issue #8 of Cha.
  • Cyril Wong's poetry was published in issue#1 of Cha.
  • Yew Leong Lee's short story "The Disappearance" was published in Issue#6 of Cha.
  • Jee Leong Koh's poetry was published in issue#6 of Cha.
  • O Thiam Chin's short story "Pebbles" was published in Issue #8 of Cha.

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