Tuesday 13 July 2010

Each Crumbling House by Melody S. Gee

We are very happy to announce that Cha contributor Melody S. Gee's first collection of poetry, Each Crumbling House, is now published by Perugia Press. Each Crumbling House won the 2010 Perugia Press Book Prize.
Book description:
How is lineage influenced by immigration, culture, and language? In what ways do expectations, ideas, and acts of inheritance haunt us? In Each Crumbling House, Melody S. Gee writes about the fractious, disappointing, and also enriching experience of being first-generation Asian American. Gee wrestles with inheriting a language that isn’t hers and a culture that died during the Chinese Cultural Revolution, while she tangles with the loss of her mother’s culture, food, history, and home. Written with precision of line, image, and syntax, these restrained lyric poems invite and reward the reader with their grace, and stand out for their historical and emotional interweaving.
Read more about Each Crumbling House here.

Melody S. Gee's poem "Giving" was published in Issue #9 of Cha.

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