Wednesday 18 April 2012

New updates on 5 Cha contributors: Judith Huang, Arjun Rajendran, Marc Vincenz, J.H. Martin and W.F. Lantry

Judith Huang
Read Judith Huang's article "Finding the Magic in Light" in China Daily.
Judith Huang's poetry was published in Issue #16 of Cha

Arjun Rajendran
Two poems by Arjun Rajendran, "pyre" and "Picnic", are now published in the latest issue of Eclectica Magazine.   
Arjun Rajendran's poetry was published in Issue #11 of Cha.

Marc Vincenz
 Marc Vincenz's poem "Corruption" is featured in the Spring 2012 issue of The Potomac Journal
Read Marc Vincenz's Cha profile.

J.H. Martin
The first issue of Incandescent, a new Hull-based poetry book, is now available. J.H. Martin's poem "Burn it all away" is included in it. More information about this new publication can be found here.
J.H. Martin's poetry was published in Issue #15 of Cha.

W.F. Lantry
W.F. Lantry's poem "Mousetrap" is published in Issue 9 of Swale Life Magazine. 
Read W.F. Lantry's Cha profile.   


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