Sunday 30 November 2008

Sketch: Literary and Design Journal

Sketch (editors: Christine de Saini and Nicole Tylor) is a new bi-annual journal committed to publishing creative, innovative and thought-provoking text and art. Each issue combines fiction, journalism, photography and design. Dedicated to encouraging and supporting emerging talent, Sketch profiles an up-and-coming writer or artist each issue, showcasing their work and delving into the inspiration behind it and discussing the creative process. The journal also prints news, reviews and interviews with industry professionals to keep you up to date with what's going on in the literary and art world. Sketch is published by Sketch Media House, a boutique design, public relations and publishing company based in Melbourne, Australia. The debut issue of Sketch was launched on Thursday 20 November 2008.

Nicole Tylor from Sketch had a conversation with Cha's co-editor Tammy Ho Lai-ming about the literary scene in Hong Kong in the section "Fully Booked: Travels Through Texts" (what an apt title!). Purchase Sketch to read the feature and more great treats. Also visit the Sketch website for more details.


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