Friday 9 March 2012

Sridala Swami, Aditi Rao, Nabina Das and Anindita Sengupta in Muse India

Four Cha contributors have new works published in the new issue of Muse India.

||| Sridala Swami's  "Twisitng", "Today's Featured Sorrow" and "Synaesthetic"
||| Aditi Rao's "The International Mango Festival", "Sometimes, When Prayers are Shouted from Rooftops, the Echoes are the Answers" and "Athazagoraphobia"
||| Nabina Das's "Family Survey", "A Song for the Bihu-Waisted-Sister", "Her Love", "I Am the Second Earth, But", "In Spite of Our Bad Days' Splits" and "All things become islands..."
||| Anindita Sengupta's "Speaking in Tongues", "The Vivid Stream" and "I Am Not Part of Your Language"


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