Sunday 20 November 2011

The Fourth Anniversary Issue of Cha is HERE.


We are very happy to announce that the Fourth Anniversary Issue of Cha is now live. We would like to thank our guest editors Robert E. Wood (poetry) and Royston Tester (prose) for reading the submissions with us. We would also like to thank Reviews Editor Eddie Tay for a fine selection of book reviews and curating the "Supplement," which features pieces by independent Asian publishers and book stores. The issue also includes an editorial by Jeff Zroback titled "Listening Outloud."

The issue:

Listening Outloud - by Jeff Zroback

Poetry [Link]
Christopher Barnes, Robert Masterson, John McKernan, Tristan Coleshaw, Chris Santiago, Sonia Saikaley, DeWitt Clinton, Kenneth Alewine, Dena Rash Guzman, Samuel Arizpe, Judith Toler, Rheea Mukherjee, David W. Landrum, W.F. Lantry, Mia Ayumi Malhotra, Anuradha Vijayakrishnan, Nicholas Y.B. Wong, Bernard Henrie, Mike Ladd, Louis Marvin

Fiction [Link]
Alzo David-West, Gun G. Ayurzana, Matthew Davis, John David Harding, Sharon Hashimoto, Shivani Sivagurunathan, Genevieve Yim

Creative non-fiction [Link]
Berit Ellingsen, J.p. Lawrence

Supplement [Link]
Raman Krishnan, Pete Spurrier, Christopher Kelen, Peter Gordon, Marshall Moore, Fong Hoe Fang, Verner Bickley

Photography & art [Link]
Roger Camp, Matthew Wong, Sabrina Merolla, Mary Lo, Geoffrey Miller

Book reviews [Link]
1. Leung Ping-Kwan, trans., Kit Kelen et al., Amblings, ASM, 2010. Reviewed by Douglas Kerr
2. Chan Koonchung, trans., Michael S. Duke, The Fat Years, Doubleday, 2011. Reviewed by Glen Jennings
3. Mohammad A. Quayum, editor, A Rainbow Feast: New Asian Short Stories, Marshall Cavendish, 2010. Reviewed by Alice Tsay
4. Melanie Ho and S.S.C. Overton, editors, Measurements: Sketches from Hong Kong, Hong Kong Writers' Circle, 2010. Reviewed by Alice Tsay
5. Sherry Quan Lee, How to Write a Suicide Note: Serial Essays that Saved a Woman's Life, Modern History Press, 2008. Reviewed by Michael Tsang
6. Sweta Srivastava Vikram, Kaleidoscope: An Asian Journey of Colors, Modern History Press, 2011. Reviewed by Michael Tsang
7. Laura Solomon, Instant Messages, Proverse Hong Kong, 2010. Reviewed by Eva Leung
8. G. S. Johnston, Consumption: A Novel, Kindle Editions, 2011. Reviewed by Eva Leung
9. Akin Jeje, Smoked Pearl, Proverse, 2010. Reviwed by Viona Au Yeung
10. Jason S. Polley, refrain, Proverse, 2010. Reviwed by Viona Au Yeung
11. Mary-Jane Newton, Of Symbols Misused, Proverse, 2011. Reviewed by Viona Au Yeung
12. Khế Iêm, editor, J. Do Vinh, trans., Richard H. Sindt, consulting editor, Thơ Khác - Ấn Bản Song Ngữ (Other Poetry - A Bilingual Edition), Tân Hình Thức Publishing Group, 2011. Reviewd by William Noseworthy
13. Pui Ying Wong, Yellow Plum Season, NYQ Books, 2010. Reviewed by Akin Jeje
14. Jennifer S. Cheng, Invocation: An Essay, New Michigan Press, 2010. Reviewed by Akin Jeje

Cha "Encountering" Poetry Contest: Prizes: First: £50.00, Second: £30.00, Third: £20.00, Highly Commended (up to 3): £5 each. Payable through Paypal.

We are accepting submissions for Issue #16, which is scheduled for February 2012. Ankur Agarwal (poetry) and Mag Tan (prose) will act as guest editors and read the submissions with us. Deadline: 15 December. If you are interested in having your work considered for publication in Cha, please read our submission guidelines.


  1. Love the work by Roger Camp -- especially the cover art "Hats & Washclothes"

    Poetically Beautiful!

  2. Thank you.

    We are very pleased with the cover image. Roger wrote an email to us: "Hi Tammy, I just
    wanted to thank you for the handsome layout and beautiful design of the cover. Please let everyone know how pleased I am to be part of
    such a professional publication."

    Hope you are well, Steven.

  3. just wrote a haiku for your front page...

    this long winter
    even furry hats
    long for wings


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