Monday 14 March 2011

"and as a day is not really a day because each day is like another day and they begin to have nothing"

The artist who created the pictured artwork: Juliette Blightman
Lamp, net curtain (courtesy the artist and Hotel, London)

From the exhibition guide: Juliette Blightman 'has introduced an arrangement of objects, including a vase [which I didn't see], a lamp and a net curtain, into a window space in the [Hayward] [G]allery.'

| This is art. | Art, this is. | Is this art? | Art? Is this? |

The above were the responses I had towards different pieces of artwork displayed at the British Art Show.

We saw Charles Avery's one-armed snake observing a female explorer on the cusp of finding Truth while uncanny creatures roam the port of Onomatopoeia. We saw a Picasso-esque sculpture; it has a wine glass out of which wine doesn't flow for its silver-coloured mouth is completely sealed. Most impressive of all, we watched 1.5 hours of Christian Marclay's monumental project, THE CLOCK. One day, I'll watch the remaining 22.5 hours.

Did you watch the film, too? Which hour(s) did you watch? Can we swap hours? How?

The clock project reminded me of Borges's story "On Exactitude in Science" (an expansion of an idea in 
Lewis Carroll's Sylvie and Bruno Concluded ).

I liked Robert Wood's comment about the snake: "In the country of the serpents the one armed snake is king."

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