Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Love & Other Drugs

Love & Other Drugs
Last night we went to watch Love & Other Drugs in Covent Garden. Thank you, E, for the generosity!

On the film:
  • Anne, you are no Kate Winslet or Penelope Cruz (with reference to her own comment on screen nudity in this Fresh Air interview.)1 Was she thinking of Little Children or Open Your Eyes, for example? And your Kym-mode (Rachel Getting Married) does not impress this time. Oh wait, you were unconvincing even then. (But bravo on being a good White Queen.)
  • Jake, you are no George Clooney (think Up in the Air). Where's the Jake in Donnie Darko, Bubble BoyBrokeback Mountain, Proof and Zodiac? (Let's forget he's in The Day After Tomorrow.)
  • ‎"I cut probably a total of about 5 seconds out of the nude scenes," Anne says in the interview. At least 100 more should have been cut. Right, it's worse than Killing Me Softly.
  • Both Jake and Anne are nominated for Golden Globe awards. Anne, you are absolutely no match for either Julianne or Annette (The Kids Are All Right).
  • (And I hope Jeremy will win the Best Supporting Actor award -- he's marvellous in The Town (and in The Hurt Locker last year).)
1It would be good to first listen to Anne's segment and then Natalie Portman's on her role in Black Swan; the intelligent Portman is even more eloquent and sophisticated in comparison.

Next, I'm looking forward to Blue Valentine. Listen to an interview with Ryan Gosling's here. What is Cindy's secret? Don't tell me.

Blue Valentine


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  1. You're right...Anne Hathaway is no Kate Winslet, but who is? She isn't in the upper tier of actresses, but she is better than many actresses..Reese Witherspoon comes to mind...

    And George Clooney? He is a fine director, but his acting is incredibly over-rated. His range is like that of a horse hitched to a post. But he keeps getting Academy award nominations for acting....why is that?


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