Wednesday 18 February 2009


Cha excitedly announces the launch of Not A Muse. Not A Muse is edited by Viki Holmes (Cha contributor) and Kate Rogers and published by Haven Books.

The anthology includes poems by "over 100 sensational contributors from 24 countries including". The following Cha contributors are featured in the long-awaited anthology: Agnes Lam (issue#2), Anindita Sengupta (issue#3), Kavita Jindal (issue#1), Louise Ho (issue#4), Luisa A Igloria (issue#2), Mani Rao (issue#1), Michelle Cahill (issue#2), Phoebe Tsang (issue#6), Sridala Swami (issue#3), Tammy Ho Lai-Ming (co-editor of Cha) and Viki Holmes (issue#3).

You can find more detail about the launch of Not A Muse on the Haven Books website and the the Man Kong International Literary Festival 2009 website.

If you are in Hong Kong, do join the launch party!

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