Tuesday 30 September 2014

CHA's Best of the Net 2014 Nominations


We are happy to announce that the following pieces of work, selected from the December 2013, March 2014 and June 2014 issues of Cha, have been nominated by us for inclusion in Best of the Net Anthology 2014 (published by Sundress). Congratulations to these writers and good luck!
1. “The Wonton Noodle Seller" by Daryl Lim Wei Jie (June 2014)
2. “A Contingent of Birds" by Daryl Yam (June 2014)
3. “Remember How the Night is Elsewhere Void in the Metamorphosis of Man" by B.B. P. Hosmillo (March 2014)
4. “Ghost Husband" by Renée M. Schell
(March 2014)
5. “Daniel Defoe to His Dead Mistress (ca. 1704)" by Stuart Christie (December 2013) 
6. “Ou-Yang Hsiu’s Fu on The Sound of Autumn (1069)" by Eliot Weinberger (December 2013)

1. “Incident on Abiko Street" by Mark Crimmins (March 2014)
2. “Inclusion" by John Givens (December 2013)

Creative non-fiction
1. “The Far Country" by Mary J. Breen (March 2014)
2. “Post- (Almost) LKY Singapore" by Pavle Radonic (December 2013)


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