Wednesday 4 June 2014

Call for Submissions—Desde Hong Kong: poets in conversation with Octavio Paz
You are invited to submit poems to Desde Hong Kong: poets in conversation with Octavio Paz, a collection in celebration of the centenary of the great Mexican poet, Octavio Paz, who built bridges among cultures, and especially among poets, and whose connections with Asia were considerable.

The editors have selected eight works by Paz to initiate and stimulate the conversation or to act as references. These poems can be found HERE.

As the title Desde Hong Kong suggests, the editors expect the poems to be rooted in some way in, from or about Hong Kong. The book will be published by Chameleon Press and edited by Germán Muñoz Díaz, Juan José Morales and Cha founding co-editor Tammy Ho Lai-Ming. You can find out more about Germán, Juan and Tammy HERE

Unless you are invited to submit work personally by one of the editors, general submissions should be made by 31 July, 2014 via Google Docs and sent to More information:

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