Monday 4 June 2012

New updates on 3 Cha contributors: Ricky Garni, Alvin Pang and W.F. Lantry

Ricky Garni
Ricky Garni's poem "Sonata Eyes" (in three parts) is now available in Spinozablue. Do you think the poem has earned its last sentence 'Now: back to love.'? 
|| Ricky Garni's poetry was published in Issue #16 of Cha. 

Alvin Pang
Alvin Pang's Other Things and Other Poems, a collection of new and selected poems in English and Croatian translation, is now available from Books Actually
|| Alvin Pang's poetry was published in issue #2 of Cha and his photographs were published in issue #12 and issue #16 of the journal.

W.F. Lantry
W.F. Lantry's new short story, "Whirlwind", which is about the discovery of witches, is now published in the California-based twice-yearly e-zine, Verdad. Read the story here.
|| Read W.F. Lantry's Cha profile.


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