Monday 5 March 2012

Kate Rogers's City of Stairs

The March 2012 Hong Kong Poetry OutLoud event will be devoted to a book launch: the debut of Canadian poet Kate Rogers's second collection, City of Stairs, courtesy of Haven Books and the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

For this extra-special evening Outloud will take place in the FRINGE CLUB STUDIO THEATRE, 8pm, Wednesday 7th March 2012, and Viki Holmes will be the MC. The first set will feature a selection of special guest readers sharing a reprise from Not A Muse: The Inner Lives of Women, with Kate reading in the second set, and an open-mic will grace the evening in the third set. If you'd like to read in the open mic section of the evening, please let us know at


When the subject calls for it, Rogers’ writing can be delicately wistful, potently visceral, ecstatic, sensuous, or richly contemplative. The many striking, insightful portraits of strong women show an equal adeptness with the contemporary and the mythic – and their overlaps. This book is a treasury, and a real tour de force.

-Allan Briesmaster, poet and editor Quattro Press; co-founder Word Stage Reading Series, Toronto, Canada


Canadian poet and educator Kate Rogers has had poetry, essays and reviews published in anthologies and literary magazines in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada and the UK. She has been short-listed twice for the Winston Collins Best Canadian Poem Prize by Toronto literary journal Descant. Her work has appeared in Fifty-Fifty: New Hong Kong Writing; The Asia Literary Review, Dimsum; Pressed; Crave it; Many Mountains Moving; Dream Catcher; The New Quarterly, Contemporary Verse II, Canadian Women's Studies, The Mad Woman in the Academy and Orbis International. She has traveled extensively in Asia and in Southern Africa. A bilingual collection of her essays about conservation in Taiwan, The Swallows' Return, was published in 2006.

Her first collection of poetry, Painting the Borrowed House, debuted in Hong Kong in 2008 with Proverse Publishing. Not A Muse: the Inner Lives of Women, co-edited by Viki Holmes and Kate Rogers; Haven Books; appeared in 2009.

  • Kate Rogers' poetry was published in issue#9 of Cha and her review of Todd Swift's and Chen Ching-In's poetry collections was published in issue#8 of the journal.
  • Viki Holmes's poetry was published in issue#3 of Cha and her review of Gillian Sze's Fish Bones was published in issue#8 of the journal.


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