Saturday 4 February 2012

Cha "Encountering" Poetry Contest - 20 long-listed poems

Thank you to everyone who has submitted work to Cha: An Asian Literary Journal's "Encountering" poetry contest. Judges Arthur Leung and Tammy Ho have now selected the following twenty long-listed poems.

The short list will be released on Friday 10 February 2012. The six winning poems will be announced on Wednesday 15 February and published in the February/March 2012 issue of Cha.

Reunion | Aditi Rao

On Encountering Jean-Claude Van Damn | Andrew Barker

Aporia | Arlene Yandug

The Deer at Exmoor | Christian Ward

Two Girls Very Small Daniel A. Nicholls

Cadaver on Bloor St.David B. Huebert

When I Was the Chinaman’s Granddaughter-In-Law | Dena Guzman

Dragon Fruit | Gillian Sze

Sonia Wants To Rent An Apartment | Jose Manuel Sevilla

Rokujō | Judith Huang

Towards the Intimation of an Ode | Lam Chun Yu (Charlie Lam)

Boxing Day Ode | Laurice Gilbert

Possum | Michael Farman

Sample 70215, 84 | R. Joseph Capet

Flashback Sonnet: B- Film Actress Seeks Lost Bastard Child | Ranjani Murali 

Prostitute’s Nocturne | Ranjani Murali 

Bees | Shivani Sivagurunathan

Badminton | Simon Jackson

Homecoming | Sophie Mackintosh

Classroom | Sumana Roy


  1. Just curious if the Poem by David Huebert is about Bloor Street in Toronto, Canada. I live on this street. Best wishes for the six winners.

  2. I would imagine it is Bloor Street in Toronto, but it could really be anywhere as there are few details about the street itself.

  3. Could not make it. But I'll try again next time. :) If you could please tell me what is the age of the youngest of these selected poets, it would be great. Thank you..:)

  4. Rokujo:

  5. Anonymous, what exactly is your purpose of showing us the link? You surely know we have the poem.

  6. Arshrock, I am afraid I don't know the age of the writers. I have no right to know, anyway.

  7. I don't think there was any age limit on the poets right?

  8. Congratulations to the short-listed poets! Wish the very best to all of them! Will wait eagerly to have the opportunity to read them in forthcoming issues of CHA.

    --Susmita Paul

  9. Hi, now I'm out of the running, congrats to everyone still in it and here's the link to my poem :)



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