Friday, 21 October 2011

Xi Chuan at the International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong | 10-13 November

Xi Chuan, whose poetry was published in "The China Issue" of Cha (translated from the Chinese by Lucas Klein), will be reading at the International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong (November 10-13, 2011).

Xi Chuan will be joining nine other Chinese-language poets from the Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong as well as ten international poets, including Carolyn D. Wright, Tomaž Šalamun and Paul Muldoon. (See the full list of invited Chinese and international poets here.)

Visit the International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong website for the programme, registration and further details.
Notes on the Mosquitoes, run by Lucas, has more information about Xi Chuan's poetry and Chinese poetry in English translation. Lucas will be guest editing "The Ancient Asia Issue" of Cha in 2013.

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