Wednesday 22 December 2010

The second edition of >Language >Place blog carnival

The second edition of  >Language >Place blog carnival is now live and is hosted by Nicolette Wong on her blog Meditations in an Emergency. According to Nicolette:
The second edition of > Language > Place blog carnival features over 20 writers from around the world. It unfolds between directions, detours and codes to arrive at fictive domains that are made real by the yearning for souls adrift. The journey continues, looking into private places and eccentricities, to trace slipping boundaries and the sense of one's ever shifting homes. 
Cha contributor Steve Wing has a participating entry: "road signs". Visit Nicolette's blog to find the links to all the participating posts and details on how to join the next edition. 
  • Nicolette Wong's short stories were published in Issue #1 and Issue #6 of Cha.
  • Steve Wing's photography was published in issue #7 of Cha.

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