Monday 15 November 2010

Volunteers wanted for poetry/film project

Volunteers wanted for poetry/film project

Tony Williams & Ira LIghtman are looking for volunteers to take part in a poetry/film project.

They said:
If you have a few minutes to spare and access to a phone with video recording, camcorder, or webcam, you can take part. You don’t need any experience as a performer or poet. There’s no pressure – it’s just a bit of fun.
You will be sent three lines of poetry and asked to record yourself reading or performing them, and then to send the resulting file back to us. How and where you perform the lines is entirely up to you.
Once everyone’s sent back their contributions, they’ll be edited together into a video-poem. At this stage we have no idea how it will turn out. Your performances will play a part in shaping the final piece.
If you’re interested, please email

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