Friday, 5 November 2010

Poetry OutLoud poets and Cha contributors on the BBC World Service

BBC World Service - The Strand

Poets Zheng Danyi and Martin Alexander talk about "New Generation Poetry" and read Danyi's poem "Dedication", written in 1990.

Also, a love poem from the Chinese Nobel Peace Laureate Liu Xiaobo to his wife ("I Give Everything to You") is newly translated by Danyi, Martin and Shirley Lee and read on the programme by Danyi (Mandarin) and Martin (English).

Listen to this particular edition of "The Strand" here (start from 20:00).

Danyi, Martin and Shirley are all Hong Kong Poetry Outloud poets.

Martin is a regular Cha contributor and Shirley's poem "Letter to a Prominent Korean Man And to You" is published in the current issue of the journal.

UPDATE: A longer love poem by Liu Xiaobo will be included in the next issue of the Asia Literary Review, with an essay by Danyi and Martin on New Generation poetry and what's been happening with poetry in China since the death of Mao. 

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