Saturday 25 September 2010

CHA Issue#12 Goes Live

Leave a comment & let us know your thoughts on the issue.

We are pleased to announce that the September 2010 issue of Cha has now been launched. We would like to thank Royston Tester for returning to the guest editor post and reading the submissions with us. We would also like to thank our Reviews Editor, Eddie Tay, for curating the special section of essays by children's book writers about their profession and for the usual fine selection of reviews. The issue also features a new editorial on children's literature by Jeff Zroback entitled "The Mortuary and the App".

The following writers/artists have generously allowed us to showcase their work:

Poetry: Phill Provance, Kim-An Lieberman, Eddie Tay, Fiona Sze-Lorraine, W.F. Lantry, Peters Bruveris, Inara Cedrins, Annie Zaidi, Steven Schroeder, Helle Annette Slutz, Shirley Lee, Astha Gupta, Marco Yan, Rumjhum Biswas and Clara Hsu
Fiction: Elizabeth Weinberg, David William Hill and Robert Raymer
Photography & art: Alvin Pang (Cover artist), Mark Stringer, Yip Wai Shai and Mary Lee
Margaret Hui Lian Lim, Emily Lim, Sarah Brennan and Adeline Foo
Reviews: Reid Mitchell, Martin Alexander, Jennifer Wong, Alice Tsay and Flora Mak who review the following books:

Fiona Sze-Lorrain's Water the Moon, Steven Schroeder's A Dim Sum of the Day Before, Cyril Wong's Oneiros, Leung Ping Kwan's Shifting Borders, Christopher (Kit) Kelen's To the Single Man's Hut: Poems and Pictures, Song Zijiang's Wiping the Dim Sky, Daisy Hasan's The To-Let House, Cecilia Manguerra Brainard (ed.)'s Growing Up Filipino II: More Stories for Young Adults, Jennifer Ching's A Painted Moment and Patty Ho's Heart to Heart

Our 13th issue is due out in February 2011. We are happy to have two old friends of the journal join us as guest editors: Consulting Editor Reid Mitchell will help with the prose and award-winning poet Arthur Leung will advise on the poetry. If you are interested in having your work considered for publication in Cha, please read our submission guidelines for details. We are also accepting submissions for "The China Issue" due out in June 2011. More details are available here.

We hope you enjoy the new issue.

Tammy Ho Lai-Ming & Jeff Zroback
Cha *

- Cha in The Hindu
- A cup of fine tea: Tai Dong Huai’s "New Baby"


  1. I'm loving this issue of Cha

    As you might expect I've started with the poetry.

    I really want to thank Eddie Tay for his poems from his "Mental Life of Cities"

    The imagery invokes the feeling of city life while keeping a connection to our humanity.

    I'm deeply moved by his poems

    My thanks to all the contributors and Editors.

    Great Job!


  2. So far I am digging Eddie Tay's selections from 'The Mental Life of Cities' immensely. Especially I'm connecting with the homeliness of Eddie's images juxtaposed with the heady soul searching in 'Night Thoughts.' I am also really into Fiona Sze-Lorrain's "A Talk with Mao Tze-tung." Though certain gossamer strains of tone in it generally don't appeal to me in other poems they're really working here. Great job, all. It's awesome to have mine by yours, and I want to know where I can buy Eddie's book - immediately even.

  3. Papa said: "I can't say in words how much I enjoyed the latest issue of Cha."

  4. A reader told us: "Read most of the poetry and will be revisiting again and again, lovely stuff, all of them... esp liked Helle Annette's "Another City which you Leave", amazing work..."

  5. Bob commented on the new issue: "Another solid publication....I fell in love with romantic poems again when I read Phill Provance's poem "What I Said to Her Was Not a Lie". Maybe my favorite was Rumjhum Biswas' poem "Bones". It was beautiful in its simplicity, and its powerful ending...."

  6. And a former contributor told us: "I like "Bones"'s simplicity too. It's that simplicity that strikes me powerfully. Reading for an MPhil in gender studies, I also like "Letter to a Prominent Korean Man And to You". The martyrdom is almost too shameful to hide from."


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