Thursday 25 February 2010

Iris Law in Asia Writes

Iris Law's two new poems, "Walking Home with Groceries" and "On Being Far Away, In January: a Love Letter", are now published at Asia Writes.

Iris A. Law's poetry has been published in issue #7 of Cha.


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  2. Response to
    "Walking Home with Groceries"

    Digging a hole

    When my brothers and I were young
    We decided to dig a hole to China
    Should take a couple of weeks at most
    Apparently we dug in the wrong spot
    We never could find the way
    That led to that mythical land

    Response to
    "On Being Far Away, In January:
    A Love Letter"

    I gift you with these images

    Having lived in California
    My life seems filled
    With Greens Reds and Blues
    The colors of life

    Today I stepped outside
    And saw a hawk circling
    Reddish wings
    In Blue White Sky

    As I watched
    It circled close
    Watching me
    I could feel
    The hunger

    I stepped into shadow
    The Hawk lost interest
    Asian Pear trees
    Pink buds peeking out
    Came back into focus

    I gift you with these images
    May they warm you
    In your Winter White



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