Thursday 21 January 2010

Steven Schroeder's new book On Not Finding Rome

Steven Schroeder's new book On Not Founding Rome is now available from the Cascade Books imprint of Wipf and StockPublishers. "This book is an attempt to critically embrace a tradition—a culture—in which the author was formed and against which he has often found himself in resistance, using academic disciplines in which he is well versed but about which he is deeply suspicious. This book began to come together as a book in a series of lectures on the history of Western thought at Shenzhen University in the People's Republic of China, an opportunity to cultivate disciplined criticism that might afford a second look at traditions behind the West which are being embraced all too quickly. In a time of acceleration, this book offers a meditation on the virtue of hesitation. The book is an invitation to philosophy and the history of ideas, but it is also a sustained critical reflection on the religious dimensions—explicit and implicit—of those ideas, with enough utopian visionleft to imagine a city in which violence is not necessary."

Steven will be in Oklahoma and Texas in February and March for readings from A Dim Sum of the Day Before, and he would be happy to coordinate those readings with events related to this book. Email Steven at steven_schroederATearthlinkDOTnet.

Steven Schroeder's poetry has been published in issues #5 and #8 of Cha. You can also read an analysis of his poem "Guidebook Says" here.

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