Tuesday 25 August 2009

New anthology released by Virtual Artists Collective

Virtual Artists Collective has just released a new poetry anthology, on the no road way to tomorrow, edited by 李森 Li Sen, 梁慧春 Liang Huichun, 龙晓滢 Long Xiaoying, Charlie Newman 查理·纽曼, and Cha contributor Steven Schroeder 史蒂文·施罗德.

The English title of this bilingual collection (taken from the last line of the last poem) tips a hat to Jack Kerouac and to Laozi, while the Chinese title (taken from the first line of the first poem) welcomes readers to a realm of small things. The 27 poets gathered here share a delight in one small thing – poetry – that has made a scene worthy of big celebrations in each of the two cities they represent – Kunming and Chicago. The anthology is the result of an ongoing collaboration, the Chicago-Kunming Poetry Group, that has published two annual volumes of New Poetry Appreciation, which gathers the work of Chinese poets and Chicago poets in Chinese translation. The poems in this anthology are selected from the journal and presented in both English and Chinese. The anthology (which also includes 28 black and white photos) gathers a fascinating cross-section of contemporary poetry in English and Chinese, a dim sum selected from two cities where poetry thrives, a tasty introduction to two vibrant communities of poetry.


Steven Schroeder's poetry has been published in issues #5 and #8 of Cha.

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