Friday, 28 August 2009

Divya Rajan in Ultra Violet

Divya Rajan's new poem "They Must've Known My Grandparents" is now published in Ultra Violet: A Site for Indian Feminists. Read the poem here.

Divya Rajan's poetry has been published in issue #8 of Cha.


  1. This poem has some lovely writing...congratulations on being published...I especially liked these lines:
    The smell of unsmoked bidi leaves
    caressed by nimble fingers of women, young
    and old, in factories overloaded with
    women, for they’re cheaper, more reliable
    and don’t drink. All they do, is work
    and smile and save money for their
    daughters’ and sisters’ weddings to be
    held under thatched, nameless roofs
    with indistinct tharavad flavors. Their
    smiles burst out, like pomegranates when
    cut open.

  2. Thanks Bob! So glad you think so...:)


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