Sunday 12 July 2009

CHA is one of the most approachable markets out there?

As of today (Sunday 12 July 2009), Cha ranks among the 25 Most Approachable Poetry Markets on Duotrope's Digest.

This is interesting: we certainly reject far more submissions than we accept them. Perhaps selected writers are more willing to report response time. Writers whose works we have rejected, however, may not even want to hear from us again, let alone do us a favour to report our response time.

That said, it is quite heartening that a writer whose work we rejected wrote us this message: "Thank you for your note. As a token of my appreciation, let me suggest that you revise your rejection letter to read "a large number of submissions" instead of "a large amount of submissions," since submissions are countable. Best wishes for your continued success!"

Thank you, indeed, R. W., for your thoughtfulness!

We are eagerly waiting to see what this new lable "25 Most Approachable Poetry Markets" will mean for us, or, how long we will own the label.

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