Monday 6 April 2009

Asian Cha and Eyeboox

The first (November 2007) and second (February 2008) issues of CHA: An Asian Literary Journal are now available for viewing through Eyeboox, a new and exciting way to read online. Other issues of Asian Cha will be added to Eyeboox in the next few days.

From the Eyeboox website:

eyeboox are just like everyday books, with two pages side-by-side, with no need to scroll. But unlike ordinary books, or even e-books, eyeboox automatically re-size themselves to fit any screen or window; readers can also choose paper color, font and font size to maximize readibility.

boox can be read on any device -- PC, laptop, tablet PC, netbook, even smartphone -- that has a browser and will automatically reformat themselves for any screen or window of any size

Particularly suited for reading (and publishing) short stories, short fiction, poetry and essays, boox can in fact be tens of thousands of words long and can include illustrations.

Uploading files as eyeboox is simple: ordinary .txt and .doc files are all that is needed. eyeboox does the rest.

Whether you are a reader, writer, publisher of books or literary journals, or an educator, read here how eyeboox can help you.

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