Wednesday 3 September 2008

Bias: Offensively Chinese/Australian by Ouyang Yu

Bias: offensively Chinese/Australian (Otherland publication) is a collection of essays by Ouyang Yu. The book is divided into eight sections, with critical articles on Australian and Chinese poetry, Australian literature, writings in the Chinese diaspora, cultural and linguistic identities, literary translations, Australian/Chinese reciprocal representations, one interview and selected reviews of Ouyang Yu and his works, as well as an extensive Selected Bibliography on works by and on Ouyang Yu. The title of the book is based on Joseph Furphy' well-known remark: 'Temper: Democratic. Bias: Offensively Australian'.

Among these articles originally published in Australia and overseas, there is the earliest piece on Alex Miller and Brian Castro that Ouyang wrote in English in 1992 after he first arrived in 1991 and other provocative pieces such as 'Absence Asia: What's Wrong with Australian Poetry?' and 'Let's Eat Chinese'.

To order a copy and for more information, please visit here.

Ouyang Yu's poem "Bad English" was published in Issue 4 of Cha and discussed in A Cup of Fine Tea.

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