Monday 2 April 2012

New updates on 6 Cha contributors: Kristine Ong Muslim, Sridala Swami, Sumana Roy, Nabina Das, Anindita Sengupta and Ivy Alvarez

Kristine Ong Muslim
Kristine Ong Muslim's new collection of prose poetry and ekphrastic flash fiction We Bury the Landscape is now available for pre-ordering. Learn more about the book here
Kristine Ong Muslim's poetry was published in issue #9 of Cha and her poem "Preface to a Pornographer's Dirty Book" is discussed here.

Sridala Swami, Sumana Roy, Nabina Das and Anindita Sengupta
The Spring 2012 issue of pyrta is now live and several Cha contributors have new poetry in it. Read Sumana Roy's "Marriage: Mirror", Nabina Das's "Shiva of the Shantytown" and Anindita Sengupta's "The Eye of Horus". The poetry in this issue was guest edited by Sridala Swami, whose has written a lovely note.
|| Read Sumana Roy's Cha profile.
|| Nabina Das's poetry was published in Issue #10 of Cha.
|| Anindita Sengupta's poetry was published in issue #3 of Cha.
|| Sridala Swami's poem "moments before they take him away" was published in issue #3 of Cha and discussed on A Cup of Fine Tea. 

Ivy Alvarez
Read Ivy Alvarez's poem "Seph" and an interview in the latest issue of Certain Circuits Magazine.
Read Ivy Alvarez's Cha profile.  


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