Friday 4 February 2011

W. F. Lantry reads - Saturday 05 Feb 2011

From their website:
In an exciting cultural event celebrating the 36th anniversary of Voices Israel, co-editor Michael Dickel, visiting from Jerusalem, will host poets Matthew Anish, Stanley H. Barkan, Julia Birdsall, Asya Graf, Adeena Karasick, W. F. Lantry, Pearse Murray, Judith R. Robinson, Ruth Sabath Rosenthal, Patti Tana, and James K. Zimmerman as they read their contributions to Voices Israel 2010 (Volume 36) and more. Malijoy Livingstone, a Scottish-born Israeli, will also be reading.
More information here.
W.F. Lantry's poetry was published in Issue #12 of Cha.

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