Monday 10 January 2011

On pleasures

John Guillory in "It Must Be Abstract" has the following to say about 'pleasures':
Complex pleasures may be mixtures of pleasure and pain, but complex pleasures are only preferable to simple ones when it is complex pleasures that we seek. (pp. 74-75)
But do we all know what kind of pleasure we are seeking? Some people are deliberately clueless. This is true.


  1. Like cubist fragments
    Pleasure and pain are separate together
    Each a reflection of the other
    Giving us the message
    of their abstracted pieces

    Complexity and simplicity
    Mirror each other
    For there is simplicity in complexity
    And complexity in simplicity
    It all depends of how you dream it

  2. Pleasure and pain are so intertwined that each would be impossible to extricate.....a mother experiencing the intense, agonising pain related to birth finds that pain dissipates and disppears at the moment when her baby is laid on her bare flesh....The pain transforms into ecstasy....


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