Saturday 4 September 2010

Meet Alvin Pang

Earlier, we unveiled the beautiful cover of our September 2010 issue here. Apart from "Wall in Namdaemun Market, Seoul", we will also be publishing four other photographs (three from Singapore and one from China) by Alvin, whose poems were published in the second issue (February 2008) of Cha. When discussing a possible title for this group of pictures, Alvin mentioned "copy.paste" (and later, "copy.paste.cut"), "e pluribus unum" and "sama sama" because 'the images all seem to have to do with repetition, or an assemblage of similar but not identical units'. In the end, however, we chose "We Belong Together" as the title. Alvin wrote: 'it evokes the idea of a set/collection/family of units. Call me sentimental!' Our response was: 'Don't you know - Cha is overall quite sentimental ....'
Bio: Alvin Pang is a lifelong image junkie and trafficker, but usually smuggles them through poems. A poet, writer, editor (and occasional photographer) based in Singapore, he has appeared in major festivals, anthologies and media around the world. A Fellow of the University of Iowa International Writing Program (2002), he was Young Artist of the Year (Literature) in 2005, and snagged the Singapore Youth Award (Arts and Culture) in 2007. His latest books include City of Rain (Poems, Ethos Books), and TUMASIK: Contemporary Writing from Singapore (Autumn Hill Books: USA 2009). He's a Canon loyalist but has recently flirted with iPhonography. He has always needed glasses.

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  1. Hi Alvin,

    My name is Kwame, we met sometime in 2010/11 when you Visited South Africa and Zukiswa Wanner brought you over to the Alf Kumalo Museum. i seem to recall that among other things discussed then was the possibility of Mr. Kumalo using facilities in your country for printing and/or publishing his next book project. Well, the groundworks for that project has just commenced and we are putting together a funding proposal. We would like to get a sense of likely figures/costs involved in printing a 230 page, 35 x 26cm hard cover book with an initial print run of 10 000 copies. please email us whatever info or contacts on:
    our office line is:
    +27 (0) 11 985 5958

    Kwame Pooe


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