Monday, 9 August 2010

Meet Phill Provance

It was love at first read. We will be publishing Phill Provance's "St. Petersburg Has Many Churches", which will also appear in Danse Macabre, in the September 2010 issue of Cha. Our guest editor commented, 'the playfulness of the poem is infectious'. But the poem is not merely a playful (and very skilful) experiment with words; it is also a philosophical mind game. The third stanza, for example, begins: "When you look at a tree in a garden / it is easier if you look at all the things that are not a tree." Want to read more? Be patient.

Phill's "What I Said to Her Was Not a Lie", which is reminiscent of poems by Billy Collins and Pablo Neruda, will be featured in Cha as well. He told us: "[I]t is a very sweet and sincere poem and it needs a home too." Sweet? Trust us, 'bittersweet' is perhaps a more accurate adjective. And you can decide when you read the poem.

Bio: Phill Provance is the executive editor of MediaTier Ltd.'s and author and co-creator of the site's weekly webcomic. His journalistic, poetic and critical work has appeared in or is forthcoming from The Baltimore Sun, InQuest Gamer magazine, Orbis, Arsenic Lobster, The Axe Factory Review, Word Riot, decomP magazinE, Danse Macabre and Heartbreaker Magazine, as well as many others; his first chapbook, The Day the Sun Rolled Out of the Sky,will be available from Cy Gist Press in December 2010 on Cy Gist's website, at several independent retailers and at select live readings. Alternatively, you can simply visit or stop by his home near Pittsburgh where friends and curiosity seekers are always welcome.


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