Tuesday 6 July 2010

Wena Poon's Alex y Robert is now published

Wena Poon's new novel Alex y Robert (Salt Publishing) is now published.
Description/annotation: In 1959, two famous Spanish matadors who were best friends, died. Alex y Robert is the witty, modern fable of their grandchildren: Alejandra, a young American woman determined to become a matador, and Roberto, a reluctant star Spanish bullfighter whom she recruits to help her. Part travel adventure, part cultural critique, the novel portrays man’s complex relationship with animals and a new generation’s surprising take on an ancient and controversial spectacle.
Learn more about the book here.
Wena Poon's poem "Copernicus for a Singaporean Grandmother" is in Issue #10 of Cha.

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  1. Cha people! Thank you for blogging about my new novel, you guys are da best! Your support is much appreciated...


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