Tuesday 1 December 2009


The Book Of Hopes And Dreams is a charity, poetry anthology, featuring many award-winning and internationally respected writers, including Simon Armitage, Margaret Atwood, Moniza Alvi, Alan Brownjohn, David Constantine, Cyril Dabydeen, Carol Anne Duffy, Ian Duhig, Ruth Fainlight, Vicki Feaver, Elaine Feinstein, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Charles Ades Fishman, Magi Gibson, Alasdair Gray, Tony Harrison, John Heath-Stubbs, Michael Horovitz, Mimi Khalvati, Tom Leonard, Robert Mezey, Edwin Morgan, Lawrence Sail, Penelope Shuttle, Jon Stallworthy, Anne Stevenson and many others. Money raised from sales of this book will go to Spirit Aid for their aid programme in Afghanistan.

The Book Of Hopes And Dreams has been re-launched as an e-book and is available for a minimum donation of $2 (though larger donations will be gratefully received). Please make your payment via paypal to dee@thunderburst.co.uk and send an email to that address to let me know you've paid. As soon as funds are received you will be emailed your e-book. All funds raised (minus paypal admin charges will) go direct to Spirit Aid.

NB: Spirit Aid is one of the best, most-efficient charities in Scotland. It is staffed entirely by volunteers, who donate their time willingly because they wholeheartedly believe in the ethos of Spirit Aid, which is to give practical assistance to war or disaster torn regions of the world and to promote peace in a secular, non-religious way. Because it is staffed entirely by volunteers, 90% of all funds raised go direct to its projects... unlike many other charities, which have to deal with huge staff payroll and other administrative costs.

A Facebook group has been set up to help publicise The Book Of Hopes And Dreams. Members will be informed of what is happening and will be kept posted about sales and money raised.

Please please please, help to spread the word about the re-launch of The Book Of Hopes And Dreams. You can help, just by forwarding this email onto your friends. Alternatively, if you have a Facebook, please post the link to The Book Of Hopes And Dreams Facebook page on your Facebook page. Or you can post it on your blog or on your personal website. This will take just a minute or two of your time, and may help to generate more sales, which means that more children in Afghanistan will get the medical attention that you and I take for granted.

To find out more about what Spirit Aid are doing in Afghanistan, click on this link:

Thank you.

I wish you all the best

Dee Sunshine

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