Wednesday, 15 July 2009

A Missive from Dzanc Books

Dear Editors of Online Journals:

As we hope you are aware, the latest edition of Dzanc's Best of the Web (2009) has just been published. Dzanc's BotW is a project near and dear to our hearts, constructed solely to help celebrate and spread the word about the great writing appearing online.

Let us please, as publishers of BotW, get right to the point: Dzanc is not going to be able to continue to run this series if something does not change. With all the work we did last year to set up readings for BotW 2008 - and as we are continuing to do in 2009 - as well as standard production costs, which are higher for this book than any other we publish annually, we lost money in 2008. Any money we might make on BotW 2009 would go 100% back into our planned BotW 2010.

This is, as said, a labor of love. We feel the best writing in the world is taking place online now and if it requires a print anthology to drive this point home, then Dzanc is willing to do so. Our BotW also contains the most collective index of all the online lit journals publishing today. What we are asking of you then, and the reason for this missive, is to help spread the world, place a little love for the BotW on your site, your blog and journal. Maybe send a note out to your mailing lists. We have BotW specific banners available, as well as a special deal for those placing orders for both BotW 2008 and 2009. If you have any questions about the series or either particular issue that would help you with a posting on your site, simply send to

We believe this series is capturing the best of what is being published. We'll happily hold it up against the Best American Short Stories series, one that has included 1 or 2 stories from online journals since its inception, and only because Guest Editors demanded those particular pieces be considered. We are all in this together and we want the world to know what is being published online is the most exciting form of writing today. We believe people visiting your sites would be among the group most interested in getting their hands on this book. We truly need for many more people to get interested and start buying this annually for it to be able to continue. Thanks for your help.

All best,Steven Gillis, Dan Wickett, Matt Bell
Dzanc Books

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